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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a security system necessary?
Unfortunately crime effects average Americans every day. Keeping your doors and windows locked will typically not deter a criminal from breaking into your home. A monitored alarm system is your best option for alerting the authorities quickly.

Can a Security System save me money on my home owners insurance?
Most any insurance company will recognize the value of a home security burglar and/or fire alarm, which is why they will often provide discounts on a homeowner’s policy for a customer who has had a burglar/fire alarm installed in their home. Discounts can range 10-20% depending on your insurance provide and the types of systems and monitoring you have for your home. 

Why do insurance companies offer such discounts? 
Simply because it reduces the insurance companies’ overall risk of your home being robbed. Also, with a monitored fire alarm, emergency authorities are more likely to quickly respond to an emergency, reducing property loss. 

What type of equipment is used in a typical security system?
Most alarm systems include a panel, keypad, door and window contacts, a motion detector and alarm siren. Other upgrades such as remote control access and glass break sensors can be added.

Do I need a telephone line to have my system monitored?
No. Security and Communications offer cellular communicators if you do not have a phone line in your home. Cellular communicators can also be used to back up communication with the monitoring station in the event of interrupted phone service or cut cables.

Will the Security System Work if there is a loss in power?
Yes. Battery backups are installed in the alarm panel. If your power is shut off, these batteries will continue to operate the system for several hours. The monitoring station is also alerted if there is a low battery or loss of power with the panel.

What is the difference between a wireless security system and a hard wired security system?
Wireless security systems allow for easy installation for homes that do not have any accessible areas the run wire. Wireless systems are most common in condos, apartments and some two story houses. Security and Communications always prefers to install hardwired systems in homes and businesses whenever possible.

There is no difference in the operation of a wireless system compared to a traditional hard wired security system.

Will my pets “set off” the Security system? 
No. Motion detectors can be set to allow your pets movement around the home while the security system is armed. 

When can a security system be installed in my home?
Security and Communications can send a licensed technician to provide a free estimate of your security needs in typically one to two days. After your home is evaluated we can schedule a time to install the system around your schedule. The actual installation time typically takes only a few hours.